Best Active Defence Alarm Siren Wifi Outdoor Smart Camera EZVIZ H8C 1080P

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Best Active Defence Alarm Siren Wifi Outdoor Smart Camera EZVIZ H8C 1080P in Sri Lanka – 2 Years Warranty..



360-degree protection that’s simply smart

Inheriting the core technologies from EZVIZ’s award-winning outdoor pan & tilt camera series, the H8c puts loads of smart features into a compact unit for simply smart home protection. This trusted, accessible camera is reliable in any weather and operates steadily on residential internet platforms.



Crisp, 360-degree vision means no gray areas

Can’t get a wide enough picture with your current security camera? Hesitant about the huge investment on a multi-camera security system? The motorized H8c reduces blind spots in monitoring so you see every corner that matters. It renders sharp images in 1080p resolution, too. With only one affordable H8c, you can stay informed with both the bigger picture and the small details.



Detect and track the crucial moments

The H8c distinguishes people from pets or insignificant moving objects. When human activity gets detected, the camera will lock on the target and automatically rotate to follow the movement. Nothing will easily escape your attention. – AI-Powered Human Shape Detection – Human Motion Auto-Tracking – No Subscription Fee



A vigilant guard who works around the clock

The camera features the active defense function to provide an extra layer of protection. Upon detection of intruders, the camera will set off a loud siren and flash two dazzling spotlights³ to let uninvited visitors know they have been detected.



Pin down the spots that matter to you most

No matter how complicated the tracking is, the camera always knows it’s way back to your preferred viewing angle. You can pinpoint up to 12 angles via the EZVIZ App. Just click on your pre-set dots and the camera will automatically resume its place.



Hear and speak with visitors as if you were there

With the H8c, you can simply use your smartphone to hear and speak to a deliveryman, greet guests, or ask strangers to leave your property – even if you’re not home.



Designed to make protection last all night

01. Impressive, far-reaching night vision – The H8c camera ensures that no one sneaks in under the cover of darkness. It helps you see far enough to know what’s going on around your home.


02. Three useful night vision modes will suit any need

  • Full-color night vision – Turn on the two built-in spotlights at night so you can enjoy a vivid color imaging with extra lighting to keep your home safer.
  • Black-and-white night vision – If you don‘t want the lighting to disturb your neighbors, just go with the infrared night vision by changing on the EZVIZ App.
  • Smart night vision – Or, let the camera decide. In smart mode, the camera will automatically light up the environment upon detection of human motion.


Elegant design with reliable Wi-Fi connection

Compact in design to go under the eaves or on an exterior wall, the H8c comes equipped with high-performance, built-in dual antennas to ensure stable, strong camera connection.



Sturdy and durable for everyday use

EZVIZ designed the H8c to bring simple, long-lasting, and worry-free protection to every family. Its weatherproof enclosure stands strong even in harsh weather.



Detachable mount plate makes installation easy

The H8c facilitates the setup process. Its mounting base can be detached from the camera body to get installed first, eliminating the need to hold the whole camera in place while you search for the best installation spot.



Extra-Large, safe storage options that you can trust

You can secure your recorded videos on a local microSD card of up to 512 GB, or subscribe to EZVIZ CloudPlay for fully-encrypted cloud storage²



Enhanced viewing pleasure with smaller video files

Compared to the prevailing H.264 video compression technology, H.265 creates a more fluid viewing experience with recorded videos. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about large video files taking up too muchof your storage space – H.265 technology reduces their sizes by up to 50%⁴.

ezviz save the video spaces more


One app for everyday, everything

EZVIZ App will always connect you to your home, even if you are far away from it.



Best Active Defence Alarm Siren Wifi Outdoor Smart Camera EZVIZ H8C 1080P in Sri Lanka – 2 Years Warranty..

Best Active Defence Alarm Siren Wifi Outdoor Smart Camera EZVIZ H8C 1080P in Sri Lanka – 2 Years Warranty..


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