Theft – Prevention EAS RF labels EG-RL4040 sale in sri lanka – Supermarket Clothing Security system in SriLanka best price best deals – Barcode Soft Magnetic Security Labels


1.Size:  40*40 mm
2.Frequency: 8.2mHz
3.without dummy barcode
4.strong stickiness onto product surface


1, Multi-application for sorts of merchandise;
2,The soft labels are trigger of eas alarm system;
3, one time use, easy deactivated;
4, No need take off from merchandise, save time for cashier;


This products are widely used in Retailed chain,Supermarket,Clothing store,Upper end boutique,Drug store and Library.

EAS RF Clothes Theft Prevention Barcode Soft Magnetic Security Labels Sri Lanka EAS 8.2MHz Soft Labels, EAS RF Soft Lables


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