Uniqscan SF100100 X-Ray Baggage inspection Scanner Metal detector Sri Lanka



Uniqscan SF100100 X-Ray Baggage inspection Scanner Metal detector Sale in Sri Lanka

Model: SF100100
Product description:
The Sf100100 easily accommodates the inspection of baggage and parcels.
The Sf100100 uses a high-resolution x-ray detector array that increases detection sensitivity, improves image resolution and optimizes image presentation.

  1. Alarm by sounds + light  Alarm by sounds and light when conform to condition.
  2. Network interface Could be connect local area network and support multi-terminal check baggage at same times
  3. Safety ray  Transmit ray under automatic control, avoids the miss
  4. Simple operation by mouse  without keyboard and work table, control by mouse, save space.
  5. Turn off by a key control Turn off the machine only need one step   revolves the key. The equipment automatic security close-down, does not need complex many steps, is simpler.
  6. Eagle-eye  Could be expediently observing enlargement area.
  7. Estimate malfunction by self Automatic estimate malfunction and prompt message, helpful for the maintenance.


  1. With equipment to save electricity .
  2. Protective cover on lead curtain to avoid lead pollution;
  3. Sound and light alarm;
  4. Local network supported.
  5. 10 year experience in manufacturer


Excellent system for airport, train station, bus station as well as security-sensitive corporate environments 

  1. 1.Commercial buildings;
    2.Factories(to find needle in clothing, shoes, bags)
    5.Government buildings
    6.Military installations
    8.Mail Rooms
    11.Convention centers
    12.Security checkpoints

 Choose walk-through metal detector to

  1. 1. Reduces the crime rate
    2. Improves traffic flow
    3. Reduces the number of required searches
    4. Reduces workload of security personnel
    5. Reduces false alarms
    6. Increases Building safety with minimal cost
    7. Durable material adoption



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